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The human microbiome is incredible. Found in our gut and on our skin; connected to our immune and digestive systems – the microbiome has the ability to influence our general health. Somewhere in this incredible ecosystem of trillions of bacteria, fungi and viruses could lie more secrets to our health and wellbeing. And at Life-Space, we’re on a journey to discover its potential.

Microbiome at a glance

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You can have up to eight trillion more bacterial cells than human cells in your body.

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The more diverse your bacterial strains, the healthier your microbiome could become.

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Diet, ageing, stress, some medications and even the environment can alter your microbiome.

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Fully formed, a healthy microbiome may weigh as much as the brain.

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A family pet can do wonders for helping your bacterial diversity.

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Every microbiome is unique. No two are the same.

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