Our story

We are Life-Space, a family of scientists, innovators and pioneering-ambassadors.

Australia's No.1 Probiotic Brand*

For over 20 years, we’ve created premium probiotic formulations for Australians; blending, packaging, quality-testing and distributing our products locally as well as around the world.

Driven by research on the microbiome

Research has uncovered that our microbiome - the trillions of microbial cells living in and on us - is intricately linked to almost every process in our body. Our passionate belief is that the next frontier in wellness will come from looking within and exploring the amazing, complex world of our microbiome.

Leading innovation in probiotics

Recent decades have seen a huge increase in our understanding of the microbiome, but much remains to be discovered.  As we explore this fascinating world, we become capable of understanding processes that were once a mystery. Our resident microbes don’t just help us to digest our food, but to influence and regulate our emotional, mental, dermatological, pediatric and nutritional wellbeing.  

We are committed to creating innovative wholistic-health solution that harness the power of probiotics and the human microbiome for all people, at every life-stage.

Discover the wonders of the microbiome

What is the microbiome and how it's linked to every facet of your health